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Union Elementary STEM and Demonstration School
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Union Elementary STEM and Demonstration School located in Gallatin, Tennessee is a kindergarten through fifth grade campus in the Sumer County School System. The schools primary goal is to unite a vision for innovation with a focus on student problem solving. The school focuses on utilizing technology to make education in the STEM fields come alive for its students. Its campus features up-to-date learning facilities that include a greenhouse, garden, and nature trail that help link natural science education to the classroom. Currently led by Principal Danny Sullivan, Union Elementary has made strides in closing the achievement gap in STEM learning amongst the approximately 470 students it serves. The 240 staff members are all considered high qualified by the state of Tennessee, leading to excellent classroom results. As of 2012, 73.6 percent of the schools students tested as proficient or advanced in math, compared to only 47.2 percent testing that highly at the state level. Attendance at the school is based on an application process. Due to the fact that the school often has more applicants than spots available in its student body, a lottery decides who is able to attend.

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Union Elementary STEM and Demonstration School

516 Carson Street,
Gallatin, TN 37066
  • Phone1:
  • (615) 452-0737
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  • Fax:
  • (615) 451-6543
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Apr 25, 2014
We were so lucky to be chosen in the lottery. My daughter has absolutely LOVED being a student at Union. The teachers are all so loving, kind, and patient. They want my child to succeed as much as I do. They keep parents up to date on everything, and are always ready and willing to help how wever they can. I'm a tough mom and very protective. It took some getting used to because she is my first to attend primary, but as of today, we have registered our next kindergartner. I recommend Union to every parent who sparks an interest. My children will not go to any other elementary school.
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