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Embracing Change in the STEM Classroom

  • Sep 07, 2014 - When school doors open, many parents expect everything to be perfectly managed. But when adopting new STEM education ideas that shake up traditional learning structures, an attitude of adaptability and patience must be maintained to ensure STEM excellence....
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  • Tips for getting "Back to (STEM) School"

Tips for getting "Back to (STEM) School"

  • Aug 31, 2014 - As students go back to school, they will once again have opportunities to engage in STEM education. Parents can encourage students to excel in STEM subjects through teacher liaison, extracurricular activities, and additional individualized support as needed....
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Success and Retention in STEM Students

  • Aug 24, 2014 - Students that explore STEM on their own are more likely to stay in the STEM pipeline and graduate feeling competent than those forced into it by teachers and parents. A study by Perez, et al. shows these "achieved" students to view STEM careers as less psychologically costly and more likely to be worth the effort....
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Filling in STEM Gaps

  • Aug 07, 2014 - While news articles about STEM focus on experiments and awards, there are holes in US STEM education. An under-exposure to engineering and technology hampers students. Also, students must be taught how and when to apply the knowledge they are receiving....
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  • Can Majoring in STEM Disciplines Lead to Higher Earnings?

Can Majoring in STEM Disciplines Lead to Higher Earnings?

  • Jul 27, 2014 - A study released this month by the National Center for Education Statistics, focusing on the outcomes of Class of 2008 college graduates and their career trajectory over the last six years, has provided strong evidence that the long-term success of graduates from STEM disciplines is much higher than that of their peers....
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  • Student Achievement in STEM Schools

Student Achievement in STEM Schools

  • Jul 22, 2014 - This is the first in a new series that analyzes STEM education academic literature. In a February 2014 study, Eugene Judson found a statistically significant benefit to transferring into a STEM-based charter school. These benefits in mathematics and reading may indicate even further gains to be made in the future....
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  • Grants for STEM High Schools

Grants for STEM High Schools

  • Jul 18, 2014 - There are numerous grants available for the support of STEM education programming in secondary schools. Some grants that are available for individual STEM classrooms, while others aim to fund the development of institution-wide initiatives. The various grant foundations listed below are currently accepting applications for grants and awards....
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  • Retaining STEM Teachers by Creating a Supportive Environment

Retaining STEM Teachers by Creating a Supportive Environment

  • Jul 12, 2014 - STEM teachers have the ability to unlock the world of STEM for a generation of students. But retaining STEM teachers has remained difficult for the last decade. By creating an environment more supportive of professional teachers, schools can raise their STEM teacher retention rates....
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  • Building STEM Partnerships with Libraries

Building STEM Partnerships with Libraries

  • Jul 03, 2014 - Many schools face limited resources, which means they cannot accomplish everything they want to. Partnerships can help alleviate some of these burdens. Public libraries are a natural ally that can provide programming, material and community support....
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  • Recruiting Nontraditional STEM Teachers

Recruiting Nontraditional STEM Teachers

  • Jun 21, 2014 - Traditional education majors are often not up to par in math and science standards. Recruiting teachers from the ranks of STEM majors can ensure content mastery in tomorrow's teachers. Policymakers and schools can work on incentives for this plan to increase the number of well-trained STEM teachers available for tomorrow's students....
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