Big STEM Initiative: NEF Unveils Grant Opportunities Worth $100 Million


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The students who unravel complex molecular concepts, explore the space or tend to discover new opportunities by learning new codes have one thing in common: The Love for Science! While there are hundreds of subject areas to explore out there, most people wonder why is funding critical for the promotion of science? Well, the funding is important because nothing can pacify the inquisitiveness of a researcher like experiments, and STEM ensures that!

Keeping in mind the significance of investment in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), National Education Foundation (NEF) CyberLearning, a national charitable pioneer in K-12 STEM training arrangements, announced a huge $100 million grant for schools all over the U.S. to excel in STEM academics.

The $100 Million NEF Grant

This program is a remarkable achievement in the year 2015-2016 as it facilitated 2 million enlisted pupils across the world. The students don't just get 25-30 hours of hands-on experience in coursework; they also advance in STEM-related subjects with the help of the program.

The investment of $100 million can empower school systems to initiate STEM learning programs at a massive level. The NEF director, Dr. Appu Kuttan, believes this initiative can encourage the students to learn more and master difficult scientific concepts.

The grants give schools access to a joint program between the State University of New York (SUNY) and NEF. The Academies program + CyberLearning STEM offer adjustable online coursework for evaluations "kindergarten" through secondary school.

Kuttan additionally said the program would help in working with one school in each state to get 100% help. He has requested that Wisconsin DPI selects a close school Madison that they would support 100%, or on the off chance that they discover an administrator who is truly enthusiastic, they may even choose a provincial school. The school would serve as a model for the program. Intrigued schools inside the state would have the capacity to visit the model school and learn how the program can be executed.

The Objective of Program

The objective of the program is to give world-class STEM instructions for 250 schools, to achieve 100,000 pupils in the 2016-2017. Qualified schools must have at least 35% pupils on free or decreased cost dinners. NEF provides 80% assets to schools for motivational prizes, and stipends for pupils, instructors, and guardians.

This grant is offered to address the underachievement of US students in the field of math and science. According to a careful estimate, US students belong to the bottom 20% in the STEM education worldwide. NEF believes that the jobs in the 21st century are competitive and it is not possible for US students to excel if they are not equipped with the latest knowledge in respective scientific fields.

The application process is simple. Every school that meets the eligibility criteria (at least 35% students on reduced meal costs) can apply for the grant. There is no deadline to apply for the program. The application for these grants can be lodged at any time of the year. If a school wins NEP grant, the cost per student for each student drops from $1490 to $290.

Other STEM Grant Opportunities

Today, hundreds of visionary academicians across the world emphasize the importance of STEM. The STEM grants ensure that schools can provide its students with an opportunity to spend their undivided attention in understanding scientific concepts.

The STEM is not just about the theoretical knowledge; it's also about providing the students with an opportunity to experiment the concepts that they learn at school. The allocation of grants can make that happen!

Here are some of the sources that are available for the schools and students who look forward to exploring new concepts in robotics, molecular biology, aeronautical engineering and other scientific areas.

Google Rise Awards

Google Rise Awards is an initiative started by Google to promote the development in the field of Computer Science. Google considers the skill to manage the computers irreplaceable and highly valuable in future. The RISE program bridges the gap between non-profit organizations and low-income communities to promote a better learning experience in the field of Computer Science.


STEMfinity is yet another credible name that plays a key role in the promotion of STEM programs. This program introduces the schools with more than 1000 grant opportunities. The funds provided via this program can further be utilized to initiate before-school and after-school programs. These grants are also used to integrate technology into the STEM educational system.

IGT After-School Grant

IGT After-School Advantage is available for such students who lag behind in education because of their inability to use digital technology. The people working at this organization have aligned their mission with the philosophy of organization by putting their energy in the creation of computer labs for students. The schools can apply for this program by submission of a proposal if the eligibility criterion is properly met.

Federal Grants

Most of the people think that the process to apply for a federal STEM grant is a tough one. Well, it is! But the first step can be the understanding of the distribution of such funds. Most people fail to understand the way STEM grants are distributed because they don't closely observe the process. Most of the STEM initiatives are announced in the form of discretionary projects. For instance, you may never be able to find out that NASA's Summer of Innovation Program is a STEM program if you don't go through the details.

The Bottom Line

The process to apply for different STEM grants is undoubtedly complicated and time-consuming, but it's not a worthless endeavor. The STEM is one of the most popular buzzwords in the educational arena for a reason. Unlike other trends that come and go with time, the STEM program seems to prevail for a long time because of the role it plays.

The STEM program in general and STEM grant in specific can help you gain a competitive edge. The development in the scientific field helped many developing countries come in the list of developed ones, and this is what our 21st-century generation should learn to stay ahead of the completion.

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