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Study of physical and natural world through experiment
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Application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes
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Design and build structures, machines, and engines
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Study of numbers, equations, functions, and geometric shapes
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What is STEM School

What is STEM School

S.T.E.M. is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and STEM Schools focus on these subjects to help our nation's youth gain the skills required to succeed in today's challenging world. This includes the ability to think critically, solve complex problems, and drive advancements in science and technology.

While the future stability of our economy is unknown and the United States faces many challenges, parents will take comfort in knowing that science and engineering jobs are growing 70 percent faster than other occupations. This means students with STEM education will be at an advantage when competing for the high-tech, high-wage jobs of the future. This was fueled by America's high demand for educated individuals to fill the job openings requiring highly skilled workers in order to keep some of the nation's most innovative companies right here in the U.S.

STEM Schools are emerging across the nation, to keep America ranked as one of the leading nations in technological breakthroughs and scientific research. However, just like all important programs, funding can often be scarce or inadequate. Private investors and state programs are scraping together enough money to advance the STEM School program because they understand that investing in our nation's education is one of the most important strategies for maintaining a strong, stable economy in the future.

What is STEM? The simplest definition is what it stands for, which is science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. There are many organizations that are dedicated to this topic and they define this with their own objectives. The ultimate goal of STEM education is to encourage students to take an interest in STEM subjects at an early age. This should be beneficial to them when they enter the jobs market, and in turn it should benefit the greater economy. It is a simple definition with a straight forward goal.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has compiled a list of STEM designated degrees. This list is intended for foreign students who are studying in the U.S. on a valid student visa so they may qualify for certain optional training programs. But this is also a good reference for American students, and it show that STEM can be integrated into a variety of interests.

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New Century Technology High School

New Century Technology High School

Huntsville, Alabama

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STEM School Highlands Ranch

STEM School Highlands Ranch

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Butner STEM Middle School

Butner, North Carolina

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Tesla STEM High School

Tesla STEM High School

Redmond, Washington

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