STEM Launch

STEM Launch


Location: Thornton, CO

STEM Launch has a mission to inspire achievement through innovative and rigorous experiences and problem-based learning that help engage all students in STEM education and offer unique opportunities. STEM Launch offers students with a smaller, and a more engaging environment. All classrooms fully integrate technology into the STEM-based curriculum, preparing students for their future. Students engage by inquiring and collaborating, and help develop innovative solutions to problems. Every problem is examined through different perspectives to help with developing solutions that benefit all. Many industry leaders participate as mentors and bring their experiences and relevance to the help students.

STEM Education or science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is increasingly becoming important in our educational system and economy. It is the “Buzz Word”. With proper attention, student skills can be developed for greater economic participation in a diverse and an interdependent world.


9450 Pecos Street, Thornton, CO, 80260

Principal: Kellie Lauth

(720) 972-5120
(720) 972-6062
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