Danbury STEM Academy


Location: Danbury, CT
Danbury STEM Academy located in Danbury, Connecticut, is a STEM magnet school for middle grades students. Although currently it shares space with another middle school, it will have a newly renovated space in time for the 2014-2015 school year. The school accepts 100 students into its freshman class every year with 50 apiece coming from Broadview Middle School and Rogers Park Middle School. The school offers hands-on learning in a STEM-focused environment that seeks to provide students with the creativity, problem solving skills, and critical thinking abilities that will be necessary for STEM success in high school and future careers. In addition, the school places a large emphasis on the practical applications of what students are learning, so it actively seeks out partners in the area's academic and business communities to further the educational opportunities for its students. Although this is a newer school, Danbury has already had a large amount of success, and parent and student demand for entrance far outpaces the number of slots available.


21 Memorial Drive, Danbury, CT, 06810

Principal: Patricia Joaquim

(203) 797-4881
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