Dayton Regional STEM School


The following Qualities are taught, practiced, and assessed at the Dayton Regional STEM School. They are important for students' development and success at this school, in their higher education and work efforts, and in life!
  • PERSISTENCE - Dayton Students will exhibit persistence, sustaining a problem-solving process over time while remaining focused and producing multiple drafts, much as a skilled artisan, to achieve success.
  • INQUIRY - Students at Dayton STEM will be inquisitive thinkers, not only asking questions but acting upon those questions in an effort to discover the answers, accepting confusion, uncertainty, and the risk of failure as part of the process.
  • COMMUNICATION - Students will communicate their ideas clearly and have the ability to reflectively consider others' ideas, even when those ideas may differ from their own. Students at Dayton Regional STEM School are taught communication skills to add to their STEM studies
  • CREATIVITY - Students will be creative thinkers, approaching new and perplexing problems with positive energy, uniqueness, and originality of thought, drawing from their own personal experiences and prior knowledge, from their studies at Dayton and at home
  • COLLABORATION - Students will work independently and as contributing members of a team, accepting and reacting to improve themselves based on feedback and criticism, and demonstrating compassion and honesty in all interactions with others. These are the skills and standards taught at Dayton Regional STEM School
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1724 Woodman Drive, Kettering, OH, 45420

Principal: Ms. Hope Strickland

(937) 256-3777
(937) 256-7655
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