Delta High School


Established by local business leaders, scientists, teachers and college professors, Delta High School weaves Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) into rigorous academic curriculum, thus, creating a project-based, problem-solving and conducive learning environment for her students. At Delta High School, students gain understanding of relevance of team spirit, develop academic and personal skills and produce industry-based individual results. Delta High School is set up to groom new generation of technical talents and scientifically literate citizens who will be on the vanguard of scientific discovery and technological innovation. Products of Delta High School are expected to possess and use knowledge, skills, mindset and world-class attitudes necessary to pursue technical training, post-secondary education and follow their chosen career paths. Delta High School believes that role-modeling healthy behavior develops leadership skills and life-long habits required to increase number and quality of opportunities. Students of Delta High School are required to demonstrate in-depth and broad understanding of complex concepts; make abstract and insightful connections among ideas beyond the obvious; communicate effectively without sophistication and demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge and skills efficiently and independently through application of effective and sophisticated strategies to solve complex problems. Delta High School, instituted in a culture and climate of mutual respect, aims to serve as a pilot environment for the Tri-Cities, basically creating a bigger footprint on STEM Education in the region and state of Washington.


901 Northgate Drive, Richland, WA, 99352


(509) 544-8355
(509) 544-8367
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