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John Burroughs Education Campus

John Burroughs Education Campus

Location: District Of Columbia VISIT SCHOOL WEBSITE
John Burroughs Education Campus is a STEM-focused school in Ward 5 in Washington, D.C. The school's primary mission is to incorporate STEM learning whenever possible so that their students can close the achievement gap that has long plagued the D. C. school system. Through this innovative focus on hands-on learning, problem solving skills, and creative assignments, this school is doing just that. The school offers superb STEM-based education from Head Start (ages 3-4) all the way through eighth grade. All students are selected based on a rigorous application process, and the school works to transform them into tomorrow's STEM-ready work force. This happens both inside the classroom and through a variety of STEM-based extracurricular activities including Technology Club, Math Olympiad, and Architects in the classroom, Science Club, and the After School Power Hour. Current and former students as well as teachers rave about how STEM learning has revitalized education at this school and how learning is seen as fun and engaging by everyone involved. With this sort of mix, this school cannot help but be successful.

John Burroughs Education Campus

1820 Monroe St. N.E., Washington, DC, 20018

Principal: Ms. Mary Weston

(202) 576-6150

(202) 576-6189