Nenana City Public School


Location: Nenana, AK
Nenana City Public School (K-12) is a vibrant, friendly, and nurturing educational facility located on the Parks Highway, where the Nenana and Tanana Rivers meet. We are dedicated to preparing our students, who come from Nenana as well as all over Alaska, to be successful citizens in a 21st century world. Through the extraordinary efforts of our excellent teachers and staff, as well as our commitment to our school's Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) initiative, our students are provided relevant and engaging instruction to prepare them for exciting futures in such fields as Aviation, Bio-Medical Science, and other Career and Technical opportunities. Our teachers have been trained in project-based instruction which allows our students to gain valuable hands-on experiences that they can utilize long after they graduate. While we are proud of our strong academic program, we also boast an outstanding and award-winning music program, a rigorous athletic program, and numerous extra-curricular activities that promote happy and healthy lifestyles. We have a very caring and supportive staff as well as a warm and welcoming community. Our mascot is the lynx - "a symbol of intelligence, instinct, and insight" - which possesses an uncanny ability to perfectly balance work and play. These are the qualities we strive to instill in our students, so they may joyfully and confidently become all they wish to be.


406 E. 2nd Street, Nenana, AK, 99760

Principal: Sherri Carattini

(907) 832-5464
(907) 832-5625
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