Parkview Elementary School


The STEM education focus at Parkview Elementary School is on integrating the academic curriculum through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines rather than a series of isolated subjects. Parkview is a small school nestled up to historic Bidwell Park which serves as a great resource for students to access. The park is a natural reserve that is like having a natural outdoor learning center at the tip of our hands. Students have multiple opportunities to see wild life, pull invasive plants, and participate in other service learning activities in Bidwell Park. Besides the park, we have a science lab on campus that teachers utilize to teach science lessons to their classes. Students rotate through the lab to particpate in a grade appropriate science lesson once every three weeks. This is in addition to the science rich activities that are already taking place in the classrooms almost daily. Parkview uses Engineering is Elementary for grades 1-6 and is having great success with the program. Students enjoy the lessons and going through the engineering process while creating a product that they can test in the lab.


1770 East 8th Street, Chico, CA, 95928


(530) 891-3114
(530) 891-3230
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