Perry High School


Location: Gilbert, AZ
Perry High School, located in Gilbert, Arizona, is a four-year high school that allows students to pursue a specialized STEM high school diploma as part of their high school education. The A+ School of Distinction offers incoming the freshmen the chance to enter the STEM program so that their learning can focus on STEM subjects. Students are required to maintain a 3.5 GPA to stay in the regular STEM program and a 3.8 GPA to attain a STEM Scholar diploma. Because of this program's intense focus on STEM excellence, all of its students are required to take honors, AP, or dual-enrollment science and math courses whenever they are available. Further, through extensive partnerships with their area academic community, PHS STEM students have the opportunity to take classes for additional credit either online through the Chandler Online Academy or through an area college such as Arizona State University or Maricopa Community College. Summer institutes that provide hands-on learning activities in a specialized STEM field are also an integral part of the school's full integration of STEM into the life and learning cycles of their students. Although this program is demanding, PHS has a long history of student excellence, being recognized as one of Arizona's top ten high schools for student achievement and further being acknowledged by US News and World Report as one of America's best high schools.


1919 Queen Creek Road, Gilbert, AZ, 85297

Principal: Dan Serrano

(480) 224-2800
(480) 224-2820
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