Poinciana Elementary STEM Magnet School


Location: Boynton Beach, FL
The Poinciana Elementary STEM Magnet School is one of the growing academic institutions in the country that recognizes the value of science, technology, engineering and mathematics curricula. The academic program is designed to focus on developing the potential of each student in STEM fields. How it Works Poinciana works to integrate all of the different STEM fields. With this in mind, it integrates reading, writing and fine arts into each class time. Students at the elementary school work on science and match activities in their classroom. Each classroom is supported by one or more of the school's four resource labs. Within the Science lab, students will find equipment that ranges from computers to digital microscopes. Although these are not normally found in traditional elementary schools, they can help students to research and discover how the world works. The science lab also includes a native plant area for botany work. In the technology lab, students can work with Lego Robotics systems in order to create robots or other machines. They can also visit the Planetarium Classroom for other projects. In this lab, students will enter a 30 foot dome room that houses a planetarium projector. They can simulate astrological occurrences or record what they find within the night sky. For field work, students at this school will be able to take airboat trips to the Everglades. Some field trips allow them to snorkel through the Florida Keys or explore natural areas within the Southern Florida region. The goal of each program at the Poinciana Elementary STEM Magnet School is to help each student explore the world. First hand experiences of the natural world can be used for scientific discoveries and experimentation. After graduating from this elementary school, students will be better able to deal with STEM educational fields than they would have been with a normal education. http://www.myvlink.org/poincianapta/


1203 N. Seacrest Blvd., Boynton Beach, FL, 33435


(561) 739-5700
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