Rochester STEM Academy


Rochester STEM Academy is one of the best STEM schools in the U.S. Established to admit all students regardless of their educational background including those with special needs and disabilities. Rochester STEM Academy embeds STEM immersion into all aspects of its programming, culture and operations to support students from lower-income families thus enable them to become confident and skilled in STEM-related educational and employment opportunities. The mission of Rochester STEM Academy is to provide a highly supportive learning environment for minority, immigrant and other students currently underserved in traditional area high schools and greatly underrepresented in Rochester’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics industries through a challenging program which emphasizes creativity, accountability, ongoing assessment, college-preparation and high academic achievement. Approved in 2010 as STEM which will receive federal grant, Rochester STEM Academy is a tuition free charter school serving approximately sixty students in grades 9 and 10 through grade 12. Rochester STEM Academy is response to the pent-up demand for an academically rigorous charter high school that could give a boost to Rochester industries and enhance children’s academic excellence and better future. With inauguration of apprenticeship and internship programs and use of broad variety of corporations, higher education and research centers and partners to augment student learning opportunities, Rochester STEM Academy combines traditional classrooms with project-based/hands on-learning, utilizing ongoing assessment and data-driven decision-making to groom world-class students.


415 16th St. SW, Rochester, MN, 55902

Principal: Dr. Charlene Ellingson

(507) 281-2381
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