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STEM Magnet School at Annie Fisher

STEM Magnet School at Annie Fisher

Location: Connecticut VISIT SCHOOL WEBSITE
The STEM Magnet School at Annie Fisher is an elementary school in Hartford, Connecticut that serves students from kindergarten through the eighth grade. The school focuses on providing students with advanced opportunities to master STEM subjects both in and outside of the classroom through an emphasis on science and math education. The school's primary student goals include engendering an intrinsic motivation to learn in students, increasing their analytical and problem solving skills, and allowing students to draw conclusions based on their own learning practices. The school's Engineering is Elementary curriculum was developed specifically to enhance elementary school student's exposure to engineering and the sciences from a young age. Further, the school features a state of the art facility that was designed specifically for STEM education. These lab spaces allow students a large number of hands-on learning activities both inside the classroom and in annual participation in school science fairs. In addition, the school focuses on preparing students for future academic success by providing them with technological tools and training that are necessary to succeed in an increasingly digital world, both through daily use and targeted goals for technology education at each grade level. Both students and teachers have expressed a large amount of satisfaction with the education being offered through this school, and it continues to grow in excellence with each passing year.

STEM Magnet School at Annie Fisher

280 Plainfield Street, Hartford, CT, 06112

Principal: Melony M. Brady

(860) 695-3500