Uwharrie Charter Academy


Location: Asheboro, NC
Uwharrie Charter Academy, located in Asheboro, is the first charter school in Randolph County. The school will provide a truly rigorous pathway to college and career readiness. A high school with a maximum 500 students, the school affords students the benefit of a small learning community with a low teacher/student ratio in an effort to promote strong relationships with students and individualized support for learning. The curriculum is imbedded with STEM-focused content through problem-based learning, historical developments in technology, hands-on math, and inquiry science that requires engineering and ingenuity. The primary means of assessment is through hands-on, collaborative projects. Further, parents are viewed an invaluable partners in the unique role that they provide in their child's education. Since students look for connections between academics and the real-world, Uwharrie Charter Academy has built relationships with local institutions so that students can use Flex Days to discover the relevance of their learning. Finally, the school promotes environmental stewardship through the adoption of green practices in student's everyday lives as outlined in the North Carolina Environmental Literacy Plan. http://www.uwharriecharter.org/future-students/stem.html
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301 Lewallen Road, Asheboro, NC, 27203


(336) 879-0813
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