techJOYnT STEM Academy


Location: Oklahoma City, OK
techJoYnT Academy is a place where students can come to discover STEM education. Many of our members and parents refer to us as the "YMCA of STEM." Our facility is host to a multitude of activities and programs for K-12 and beyond. Our programs include Field Trips, After School Programs, Day Trips, Spring/Fall Break Camps and Summer Camps. We even offer professional development for college students, post-college graduates, educators and corporate teams. We promote STEM education through our GEAR initiative (Game Design, Electronics, App Development, and Robotics). A few of our sample courses include: Intro to Animation, Digital Graphic Arts, LEGO Robotics, Intro to 2D Games, Aerial Robotics, iOS App Development, Character Design and Humanoid Robotics. As a part of our initiative, we also host several teams for STEM-based competitions such as BotBall, FIRST LEGO League, Game Design Summit, FIRST Tech. Challenge, and many more. We have recently finished building our Mobile STEM Lab which we use to host BotBall teams at various schools. In addition to providing services, techJoYnT Academy also hosts a multitude of internships to give valuable experiences to students interested in STEM related degree programs. The interns get a complimentary membership to techJoYnT Academy, monthly performance reviews, and project management experiences to help augment their college learning. 90% of former techJoYnT interns pursue STEM related degrees in secondary education. Multi Media Learning At techJOYnT, we believe that STEAM Education if best facilitated through hands-on learning. That's why we have invested our resources to find the latest and greatest resources to make learning a fun experience for everyone involved.


8328 Glade Ave, Oklahoma City, OK, 73132

Principal: Ray Shaik

(405) 345-5010
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